About Me 

My name is Julie Perry and I am a registered Social Worker who has over 15 years of clinical experience in a wide variety of settings. Some areas of practice include mental health, (including children, youth, and adults), addictions, chronic disease management, health and adjustment, family and couples counselling, grief loss, and bereavement. I believe that the key aspects for a successful counselling experience begin with a strong therapeutic relationship that is rooted in honesty, vulnerability and safety. This relationship is best paired with your desire and willingness to take steps to make changes and my passion to work with you to achieve your expressed goals. I firmly believe that as we work together you will be empowered to make changes that can result in the experience of a more fulfilling life. My role in your journey is to guide, support, and inform you to make it safely through that journey. Whether you are experiencing a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, are concerned about addiction, are feeling lost and overwhelmed, or just feeling stuck and wanting to start a new chapter in your life, you are not alone as we are in this together and I as your guide will walk you through these times.