Every journey begins
with the first step.

Just envision how far you could progress and how much smoother the journey would be if you transformed your steps into confident strides.

I’ll walk with you...

As a Registered Social Worker with more than 17 years of experience in counselling, it all begins with you setting aside the societal stigmas surrounding mental health, seeking support, and bravely confronting your fears. I am here to accompany you along the path that many of us find confusing and overwhelming—the path towards mental well-being and sustainable joy.

Registered Social Worker

Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety, sadness, insecurity, anger, or being overwhelmed? Do you find it challenging to achieve a sense of balance, handle stress, and cultivate healthier connections with others? Are you feeling lost or stuck on your journey towards embracing your authentic self and living your best life?

You Are Not Alone

I will help you navigate and overcome the tumultuous thoughts/emotions keeping you up at night, impeding your progress, and affecting your ability to create a more fulfilling life, your best life, the life that you deserve. It’s about discovering what is in your way, what is immobilizing you, and what is keeping you from moving forward. The foundation of this mutual exploration is a solid and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Individual Counselling

Embrace the empowering opportunity of individual counselling, where we can work together one-on-one in a secure and comforting environment to address any goals you may have.

Couples Counselling

Embarking on the path of couples counseling can feel like a significant and, at times, daunting decision. Making that initial call might seem challenging, especially if you feel the relationship is at a crisis point.

Family Counselling

Making that initial call might feel overwhelming, especially if you believe your family is facing a crisis. The more quickly you can navigate the path towards a healthier family dynamic.

Finding the right fit for you on this journey is imperative. Take the next step to see if Making Strides Counselling is right for you by getting to know more about Julie.

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The reason I do what I do...

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