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Embrace the empowering opportunity of individual counselling, where we can work together one-on-one in a secure and comforting environment to address any goals you may have.

Whether you’re navigating anxiety, depression, a mood disorder, or any other mental health challenge, or if you’re grappling with issues related to relationships (communication, boundaries, guilt), stress, family dynamics, or the unique circumstances related to illness, or grief and loss, know that I am here to support and guide you through these difficulties with compassion and understanding.

Having been on this journey myself, I understand that taking the step towards counselling can be overwhelming and making that initial call might feel challenging.

Often people wait until they are in crisis before making the appointment, but I can assure you that the sooner you start to work on what is bothering you the shorter the climb back to your best self will be. Trust that I am committed to meeting you exactly where you are at and cultivating a therapeutic relationship that fosters comfort and growth. Together, we’ll work towards addressing anything that might be hindering you from being your best self. Your well-being is at the forefront, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

What the first session will look like

In our initial session, we’ll take the time to familiarize ourselves with each other. You can feel free to ask any questions about my background and counselling approach. If you have had counselling before I’d like to hear what worked well and what did not work for you so that I can ensure you get the most out of your sessions.

During our first meeting, we’ll cover confidentiality and attend to any necessary housekeeping matters. The majority of the session will be dedicated to you sharing at your own pace, allowing me to gain insights into how I can best support you. Together, we’ll explore your goals and begin building a strong and compassionate therapeutic relationship.

Some of the reasons individuals seek counselling in Kelowna include,
but are not limited to the following and all of which I have experience working with:

When we feel we are misunderstanding others, having strained relationships, emotional distress and feeling disconnected, this can be from a lack of healthy or appropriate communication. Communication issues include misinterpretation, lack of active listening, difficulty expressing emotions, and inadequate conflict resolution skills. In counselling I can help you to foster effective communication by addressing communication issues by teaching active listening, enhancing expression, and fostering empathy. I can guide you to resolve conflicts, explore non-verbal cues, and practice mindfulness, empowering you to navigate relationships with clarity and understanding so that you can navigate relationships with clarity, confidence, and have healthier connections.

Financial stress can impact many areas of your life and I can help you in counselling by discovering healthy coping strategies to manage the stress, exploring other options and resources when you are feeling stuck and providing emotional support.

Do you often feel overwhelmed, is it hard to say no to others without feeling guilty? Do you struggle with letting people in and trusting which is pushing others away?

These can all be signs that you need to work on understanding boundaries and how they do or do not show up in your life. Many people are struggling with boundaries yet they don’t even know this is the cause of lack of self care and stress. Whether it is lack of setting or enforcing boundaries with others which is leading to anger and resentment or being too rigid or not even knowing what boundaries you need to set yet or how to do it. I can help you understand what boundaries are, how they do or don’t play a role in your life currently and how understanding and setting boundaries can lead you to feeling healthier, having less stress, better relationships and promoting self care.

The teenage years can be very difficult for many youth and sometimes anxiety, depression, body image issues, high stress and relationships feel like too much for a young person to deal with but with some counselling to help them learn strategies to cope and tools they can utilize this journey can be much more enjoyable and enhance their lives and relationships.

Substance use disorder is a disease that takes a terrible toll on those afflicted with it, as well as their families and support systems. With effective, long-term treatment tailored to individual needs, people with alcohol and/or drug addiction can recover and lead productive lives with addictions counselling.
The ultimate goal of addiction counselling is to enable an individual to achieve lasting abstinence, but the immediate goals are to reduce drug use, improve a patient’s ability to function, and minimize the medical and social complications of substance use disorder through harm reduction strategies.

Have you, or are you planning on blending your family with your new partner’s family? Are worried about how this is or might go?

Do you need help navigating the transition or dealing with issues that have arised? I can help guide and support you through this with many years of both professional and personal experience. I can understand the complexities that can come up and believe counselling can be very effective throughout this journey.

As a parent, step parent and past foster parent I can understand that parenting can come with many challenges, concerns, questions and guilt. It can feel like a balancing act and be overwhelming at times. Some parents may grapple with challenges like balancing work and family, handling disciplinary issues, fostering effective communication with their children, managing stress, and coping with changes in family dynamics. As a counsellor, I want to help you develop healthy coping strategies to navigate any challenge you may be having as a parent and help you foster healthy connections with your children.
Whether you are in a relationship or single you may be facing challenges with intimacy and sex, such as communication issues, body image concerns, dating, performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction and navigating differing desires or religious beliefs. I can provide counseling in supportive non judgemental space to address these or other struggles you are faced with.
Are you being challenged with a negative self-perception, self-doubt, and comparing oneself to others? Do you never feel good enough? Through counselling, I can help you build your self esteem by increasing your self-awareness, cultivating self-compassion, and a more positive self-image.
If you are struggling with societal discrimination, coming out difficulties, transitions and navigating acceptance, I can provide supportive environments that can aid in embracing and affirming your identity.

Mental Health Diagnosis (understanding, supporting and working with) including depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder.

When we feel like we are under a dark cloud and we cannot get out it can be hard to imagine that Mental Health concerns can be treated and life can get brighter through counselling. Learning new ways to cope and control negative thoughts and feelings can help make your life more manageable and help to create joy. Counselling for depression, anxiety and other mental health therapy is provided at Making Strides Counselling and Wellness.

(Including but not limited to ADHD and ASD)

Are you struggling to manage or understand the way your brain works? Would you like to work on effective coping and management strategies to enhance your daily functioning and be able to identify areas of strengths? As a counsellor with many years experience I can help you navigate this journey.

I can provide counselling for trauma to help you heal and recover from the disruptions it may be causing in your life such as anxiety, flashbacks, depression, sleep disruption, and emotional distress.
Through anger counselling, I will work with you to aid you in coming to understand the roots of your issues with anger. From this can come more of a feeling of ease inside, and a lessened tendency to become overwhelmed by your feelings of anger.
Terminal Illnesses and End of Life. A new diagnosis, chronic illness or chronic pain can all be devastating and change our lives drastically but I can support you through this journey and help you develop strategies to help you through times of adjustment and grief within the counselling process.
Grief and loss can mean many different things for everyone whether if be the inconceivable loss of someone you cared about or the difficult end to your marriage or loss of your career or grief around loss of independence due to a illness or disability it can be an excruciating process that requires plenty of support and guidance. Grief and Loss Counselling is something that I can provide throughout the therapeutic process.
Are you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or unsure how support someone you are caregiving for? Caregiving for someone who has an illness such as dementia, ALS, Parkinson’s, cancer or who are frail and aging can be overwhelming physically, emotionally and mentally but I am here to help you develop healthy coping strategies and care for yourself at the same time with counselling for caregivers.
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