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What is Counselling?

I am a strong believer that counselling can help everyone because we all have room to grow, learn and strengthen our relationship with ourselves and others. We also all have areas we can heal within ourselves that can lead to a healthier life.
We will discuss only things you are comfortable with; however, I will ask questions and guide you to help you achieve the goals and heal the parts of you, you are looking to heal.
I will help build up healthy coping mechanisms, make suggestions for strategies that may help you and provide information and education when and where appropriate.
No, I do not prescribe medication, but I can liaise with your family doctor or psychiatrist at your request.

At first it is common to feel a bit nervous, maybe excited and scared but through building relationship with your counsellor those feelings often subside, and you are able to open up and share your struggles and work towards successfully completing your goals.

It is a place that you come to heal, learn, and grow by exploring, self reflecting and learning about yourself to optimize your mental and physical health.

It depends on your goals, so it is different for everyone and will be discussed with your counsellor through out the process.

Do I Need Counselling?

The purpose of counselling is to work with a professional to help improve daily functioning and quality of life as well as to help develop strategies and coping mechanisms to relieve symptoms clients are experiencing. This is done in a collaborative manner between the client and counsellor by developing goals and solutions to problems which are causing emotional turmoil. The overall purpose is to promote optimal mental health and wellness in one’s life.
If you are wanting to improve your life in any way or are struggling in any way then it could be right for you but you won’t know until you try it!
Absolutely, you do not have to have a major problem to go to counselling as it can be beneficial for everyone as everyone has things they struggle with or that cause stress or areas they want to grow in life.

Cost & Insurance Benefits

Individual sessions
50-minute individual session is $135
90-minute individual session is $230

Couple’s session
60-minute couple’s session is $170
90-minute couple’s session is $270

Family sessions
60-minute family session $170
90-minute family session $270

Payment is required at the end of each session.

Please check your individual extended benefits plan for coverage information as each plan can be different. Please verify that your plan covers Registered or Regulated Social Workers. I am CVAP approved.

Making Strides Counselling and Wellness is unable to
direct bill at this time for most benefit plans but please connect directly
with me if this is something you would require.

At the end of each session you will pay for the session and be given a receipt that you can then submit to your insurance provider.

Yes, sliding scale is offered and can be discussed before booking a session.
If, for any reason, you need to miss a session, please use the online booking tool to cancel or reschedule the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Please note that last minute cancellations or no shows will result in full session fees being charged to your credit card at the time of the missed appointment. It should be noted that extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do I find a counsellor?

A lot of counsellors offer a free 15-minute consult (as Making Strides Counselling and Wellness does) so it is a good idea to speak with the counsellor ahead of booking a session to get a feel for the way you connect with them and to ensure they have the qualifications and areas of practice you are looking for. If you feel at ease, safe and comfortable and you could see yourself building a trusting therapeutic relationship with them then the counsellor may be a good fit for you.
This is an individual decision and should be decided only by what makes you most comfortable.
A counsellor that has experience in the areas you are struggling with is important.

As counsellors are not regulated in BC, it is important to ensure that the counsellor has appropriate credentials and experience to be providing counselling. Ensuring they are practicing under a code of ethics that is available to you, are registered with a regulatory body such as a Registered Social Worker or Registered Clinical Counsellor or Registered Psychologist or certified with a reputable University or School and have experience in the field.

If you have insurance that you need/want to use, it would be important to know what credentials are covered under your provider and find someone with those credentials.

How will we measure success?

Yes, there are positive physical and mental changes when you engage in the work with your counsellor and outside of sessions.
You will notice changes in the areas you are working on and in your life. This will also be reflected upon and reviewed in sessions to ensure that there is progress being made and you are noticing changes.
Sometimes as quickly as one session, after just getting yourself into counselling and making it to the first appointment a lot of people report feeling better and then continue to feel better through continued work with the counsellor.

Contact & Appointments

In Rutland in Kelowna at 260 B Benchview Road
Yes, please feel free to reach out and give me a call at 250-215-1323 for your free 15-minute consultation or to book an appointment. If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able.
Yes, I do, if you are trying to book an appointment with me and do not see anything that fits your schedule please reach out to me and we can try to arrange something that fits for us both.
You can call and book directly through me, you can book online through my book now link at the bottom of this page and on the home page or you can also email me at

Further fears and concerns

Yes, what is talked about remains confidential however there are some limitations to this given the counsellors legal obligation which will be reviewed with you at the beginning of the first session.
Absolutely, if I am not a fit for you at any point, please let me know and I can help you find a new counsellor that is as I strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship is key to successful counselling and want all my clients to get the support they were looking for whether that is with me or another counsellor.
You never have to talk about anything you don’t want to, this is your counselling journey, and you get to direct it in anyway that works for you.
Yes, I do keep case notes that are securely uploaded to Jane and then the paper is shredded. Jane software complies with all privacy laws to ensure your information is secure and confidential.
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